If y'all need me, I'll be in my office FREAKING OUT. Urban Decay is releasing a brand new Naked palette--and it's designed specifically for creating that iconic and sexy "smoky" eye!

It's no surprise that I am psyched about the news; I'm more than just a little obsessed with beauty (evidence here). Hearing that Urban Decay has a new Naked palette set to release in a month is like waking up to find Santa Claus left me TWO Red Ryder BB Guns.

Your girl is AMPED right now, because Urban Decay has a lock on the eye shadow game. I have Naked, Naked2, and Naked3 (hey, husband--if you're reading this, those were totally gifts and I didn't spend like $180 on eye shadow b/c that would be ridiculous...haha). I love the versatility of each one, but what really gets me is the QUALITY.

Urban Decay shadows are perfectly pigmented. They blend LIKE BUTTAH, and they have serious staying power. You may balk at the $58 price tag, but think about it--you get 12 shadows, and if you do the math each one ends up costing like $5. That's the same price you'd pay for a flimsy drug store eye shadow single.

Urban Decay Cosmetics
Urban Decay Cosmetics

Here's a look at the shadows:

  • High: shimmery pink beige
  • Dirty Sweet: shimmery light gold
  • Radar: shimmery light copper
  • Armor: shimmery purple taupe
  • Slanted: sheen, silver
  • Dagger: sheen, charcoal grey
  • Black Market: sheen, deep black
  • Smoulder: sheen, deep purple
  • Password: matte purple grey
  • Whiskey: matte chocolate brown
  • Combust: matte light pink
  • Thirteen: matte ivory

I've listed a few more vids below so you can see Naked Smoky in action. Y'all better believe I am hitting up Sephora first thing on July 8.

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