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Nothing but greatness here in the Druid-City.

UA outfielder, Tyler Gentry has been drafted in the 3rd round of the MLB Draft who will be in the Minor League circuit.

This heavy hitting right handed batter has the spark that excited the MLB and future hitting coaches. Standing at a stout  6'2 with forearms that look like tiger arm, his build and size will play a huge role in his future success in the show.

Before the University of Alabama,he was doing the community and JUCO college route before getting looks by some major NCAA teams in the South and in the North-West.

I'm exited to see how he develops in the next 4-5 years. In the minors it's either, you kill it right away or you blossom as a player while putting in the time and dedication to the game and the trade OR you live your rest of your baseball days stuck in the AAA AA or A.

The a few things I'd be worrisome about this player:


  1. He loves the tomahawk shots and the low running sliders.
  2. He crowds the plate like he lives there.

Don't sleep on the creative and quick athlete. He might have what it takes to make a boom in the big league.

Roll Tide.

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