CBS will take all the time it can to decide which matchup will be the SEC Game of the Week on November 11.

The conference announced game times for week 11, but fans will have to wait until week 10 is completed to find out whether Alabama-Mississippi State or Auburn-Georgia will kickoff at 2:30 p.m. The game that CBS doesn't select will land on ESPN at 6:00 p.m.

Looking at the SEC schedule for week 10, here are the matchups that will determine which way CBS decides to go:

  • Auburn (-15.5) at Texas A&M
  • UMass at Mississippi State (-28)
  • South Carolina at Georgia (-24.5)
  • LSU at Alabama (-21.5)

As you can see, all four of the teams involved are big favorites this weekend, but CBS will likely be watching the Auburn game the closest. The Tigers are on the road for an early kickoff so they might be the team most in danger of an upset. Should Georgia and Auburn win, however, it's hard to imagine that CBS would turn down that rivalry game. It's likely the last true roadblock in the Bulldogs' path to an undefeated regular season.

The only drawback might be the fact that CBS will have shown Georgia in its 2:30 p.m. timeslot for three straight weeks at that point, but that shouldn't carry enough weight to pass on that game.

Obviously anything could happen this Saturday, but if all of the favorites win, you can probably start planning for another Crimson Tide night game on November 11.

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