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Living in the North for most of my life, gas station attendants are usually rude or just don't care. But living here in the South you'll find the most kindhearted attendants at any gas station.

You might recognize this gas station as the old British Petroleum (BP) stop on the strip. A few years back Shell bought out the old BP and made it into... the same gas station it was before hand with a few more characters to help you along the way.

Let's start at the door, everyday the same security guard can be found either standing at the entrance watching YouTube or sitting on the curb smoking a Black and Mild. Once entering you can find either 3 or 4 characters behind the counter with charismatic and lovable attitudes.

One of the gas station attendants particularity is a young man with badass dreds and a smile that can make any person feel warm inside. He's a student at UA working his way through college with true drive and success to his future. If you see him, he'll always ask you 'how's your day' and a calm but personal way to say ' have a safe night'.

Secondly, there's a middle aged woman with stories to tell while she is checking you out at the counter. She has 3 lovely chihuahua that she adores that she loves to talk about. I don't know her name, but make sure to ask her about the doggies for me.

Lastly, there's a young woman who has been working there for about 7 months who is a comedian at heart, she always has a one liner and loves conversation. She's always wearing glasses and always has a new outfit on each time I see her.

Stop by there today and support a locally owned gas station with personalities that are unmatched here in town.

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