A local woman was charged with criminally negligent homicide this past Thursday in connection to a 2016 interstate crash that killed a tow truck driver.

According to authorities, John William Hubbard, 25, was killed December 10, 2016 while working at an accident near the 74-mile marker of Interstate 20/59. Alabama State Troopers identified Sheridan Temms, 30, as the driver of the vehicle which struck one of the disabled vehicles, causing it to strike Hubbard. He was later pronounced dead at DCH Regional Medical Center.

A 13-member grand jury heard the case back in September and charged Temms with reckless driving and criminally negligent homicide..

Temms was released on $6,000 bond, after being formally charged with the crime this past Thursday.

The victim's brother, Jason Hubbard, told The Tuscaloosa News, that his family has been devastated since they received the phone call that his older brother had been killed that morning almost a year ago. Hubbard said, “We’ll be able to sleep tonight knowing we are in the first stage of getting justice for my best friend, my hero and my big brother’s life".

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