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Tuscaloosa is a great city that's consistently been on the rise since the University of Alabama's student population boom of 2009 and a local boom that happened in the late 90s. With a growing population, this town needs to figure out a way to amuse and entertain the great people of Tuscaloosa.

I propose a cut-rate amusement park somewhere in Northport or near the area around Highway 69 S with all the open land. I'm not asking for a mega Disneyland, but a small family-orientated park that has rides, carnival games, and weird mascots that somehow represent the South and Tuscaloosa appropriately.

When you look at towns the same size and population density of Tuscaloosa, almost every town does have an amusement park with thrills and chills to make even the strong-minded question going on a ride. Hell, even Alaska has an indoor amusement park. Alaska, people.

I think Tuscaloosa's main focus is football, and rightfully so. But when the six months of football ends, what are we going to do for fun? Count down the days till the next kick-off? Day drink like it's a game day? NO! We need real amusement here in this town when it's the offseason.

I'm not trying to sound whiny, but Tuscaloosa deserves so much more. We're a town full of family-orientated people with great beliefs and morals. Having one more thing for the great people of Tuscaloosa would be a dream come true.

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