Don't recycle your shoes, take them to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter and let them turn the footwear into money!

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter will earn money based on the number of shoes they're able to collect. All money raised from the shoes will go toward the medical expenses of the animals in their care.

If you have a gently used pair of shoes, or even a couple that you're not using, drop them off at the shelter at 3140 35th Street in Tuscaloosa from NOW until April 30th.

The only exception is that they cannot accept roller blades or ice skates but everything else is fair game!

Your used footwear will be given to Funds2Orgs, the leading shoe drive fundraising for-profit social enterprise in North America, in exchange for much needed funds to keep the shelter operating. Those shoes will then be shipped to developing nations.

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