In another incident over the weekend, a Tuscaloosa man was killed after a parking lot Confrontation.

Authorities say that police officers found Branden Moss, 23, lying in the parking lot of the 600 Block of Paul Bryant Drive, after he had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Moss was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Markis Russell, 26, of Tuscaloosa, has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting, according to authorities.

Witnesses told officers that a fight broke out in the parking lot, across the street from the 3000 Bar, after they had closed for the evening. According to witness statements, there was an altercation where 4 Men assaulted one Man. Moss gave aid to the assaulted man, and then started walking to his vehicle where he was confronted by one of the men involved in the assault. Russell, who was not involved in the original assault, allegedly walked up behind Moss, and fired several close range shots. Moss tried to flee, but collapsed after running approximately 75 feet, according to police reports.

Police interviewed several witnesses, and viewed surveillance footage, where Russell was identified as the alleged shooter. Russell was taken into Police Custody after he was found at his Girlfriend's Apartment.

No information was given on Russell's set bail amount.

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