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When It comes to the best BBQ in town, my choice is obvious. A hole in the wall on Greensboro Ave has the best kept secrete for BBQ here in the great state of Alabama. When looking from the outside Archibald & Woodrows looks like a rundown shack with a giant Pepsi sign out front.

Today I had the pleasure to hop on GrubHub and grab some lunch from them and I got the obvious choice. The Pork Platter is a hot, juicy and delectable meal suit for any king. With shavings and cartilage still attached to the fat the pork is right out the smoker. With any meal you get at Archibald & Woodrows, you get 3 or 4 pieces of white chunky bread to sop up all the juices and meats in a controlled way. The history of the joint is rather a story of broken friendships and stolen secretes. Originally owned by friends and colleagues for the greater good of BBQ split ties and one of the owners started 'Archibalds' in Northport. That spot up there in Northport is very homey just like the spot on Greensboro Ave. But the shack next to the shiny new car dealership makes it feel more "Tuscaloosa" then anything. If you want to support a local joint here in town please keep them in mind because, they need the money and patriotism more than ever.

Roll Tide.

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