Parents took to Facebook to express their outrage at Tuscaloosa County High School officials decisions to host graduation ceremony despite storms being forecast all week.

95.3 The Bear personality on Madison & Shepherd's morning show was in attendance at the stadium. Justin Wood said the sky was ominous ahead of the ceremony but several in the stands around him thought the storm would miss them.

'It was like the bottom fell out,' Wood said. 'The guy playing the tuba didn't even wait for instructions. He just picked it up and ran but the other kids in the band were struggling to hold their instruments. Sheet music was flying all over the field. '

Videos uploaded to Facebook after the ceremony showed students huddled on the center of the field holding on to their caps and gowns.

Wood said school officials who conducted the ceremony made no mention of the threatening weather and offered no instructions for seeking shelter. 'It was a free for all,' he said.

Some parents feel the Graduating Class of 2016 deserves a do over. What do you think?