A new local food truck, "The Spoon of Tuscaloosa," is now serving 'sustainable staples with soul' to the local community and the student populations of the area's University and colleges.

The business has already made its mark on Tuscaloosa, catering athletic events and other and special occasions and hosting pop-up shops.

Owner Kendra Witherspoon-Ellis said her goal is to serve fresh food using local Alabama produce.

"Nothing is out of the box and nothing is out of the can," she said.

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The Spoon offers entrees such as fried catfish steaks or filets, marinated chicken adobo and bone-in English cut short ribs, served with two sides and fresh vegetables.

There are also handheld options including the fried or blackened chicken sandwich and falafel pita, served with one side and house-made chips. Satisfying sides include macaroni and cheese, house-made slaw and fried okra, just to name a few.

The Spoon of Tuscaloosa doesn't stay in a specific location and customers can stay updated on where they're set up weekly by following @thespoonoftuscaloosa on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Witherspoon said the concept for The Spoon of Tuscaloosa has been a long time coming, as she attended culinary school years ago and grew up with two generations of family cooks.

"I worked a lot of places in Tuscaloosa and I've always wanted to do my own thing, but what prompted me to really get down to business and do this is because I was diagnosed with cancer last year and that made me have to make some diet changes," Witherspoon explained. "That's what motivated me to use whole foods, nothing out of the box or can, fresh produce that's local."

"Genuine service and trying to give people good food for their money, food that's decent for them, that's absolutely my motivation," Witherspoon said.

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