It's not officially spring in the Druid City until Summer Snow is open for business. Good news for everyone who loves to enjoy a sweet shaved ice--Summer Snow is set to open next week.

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Summer Snow, located on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa, will open on Wednesday, March 17th. How's that for a St. Patrick's Day celebration?

Summer Snow has been a favorite here in Tuscaloosa for years. Their shaved ice is so fine that it really does take on the texture of snow--and then they top the snow in a variety of flavored syrups for a truly delicious treat.

My personal favorite is the Peaches and Cream--it's a peach syrup and sweetened condensed milk that is just amazing. I'm thrilled that Summer Snow is back open for business following a difficult year last year with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I can't wait to sit in the sunshine and enjoy an extra large serving of Summer Snow.

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