We all know that this basketball season hasn't been the best of seasons, but in the midst of all the gloom and despair lies a gleaming diamond in the rough: Trevor Releford.

Releford came to the University of Alabama as a 4-star point guard (according to ESPN RecruitingNation) out of Shawnee Mission, KS. Always considered undersized, Releford seemed to take that personally, and used it as motivation to make himself the best basketball player that he could be.

And what a basketball player he became.

Each year, Releford has gotten better at all phases of the game: rebounding (which may or may not be a good thing for a point guard), steals (Alabama's all time leader), assists (even with depleting scoring talent around him each year), and scoring. With these statistics alone, one would not be considered crazy at all when proposing the idea that he is the best Alabama basketball player of all time.

Earlier today, Chris Stewart replayed a one-on-one interview that he had with Releford on "The Chris Stewart Show," and Releford talked about how he developed his confidence in his game.

"Just growing up and just playing with my brothers, that always gave me the confidence that if I could play with them and the older guys in my neighborhood, then I could play like that anywhere with anybody," Releford told Chris Stewart.

*Note: one of his brothers is Travis Releford, former starting guard for Bill Self's Kansas Jayhawks. Not a bad brother to have as a practice partner.

Also on "The Chris Stewart Show," Tom Stipe, on site producer and engineer for the Crimson Tide Sports Network, was kind enough to be a guest on his fellow colleague's show and give his own insight about Releford's legacy at Alabama.

"Trevor Releford is a champion," Stipe said. "He is a warrior. He has carried a tremendous load on his shoulders this year, and throughout his four years, and I think that every now and then you and I just look at each other and without saying it, but what we're saying is how privileged we are to watch a guy like that."

We're all aware of the struggles this team is having this year, but like a true champion, Releford hasn't quit on his team or the season. He keeps playing his heart out, and his efforts seem to be trickling down to others as well, with Levi Randolph and Shannon Hale becoming bigger parts of the Crimson Tide's offense lately.

And anyone who knows anything about basketball knows that if you can make your teammates better, then that makes you a much better basketball player.

This young man is nothing short of a fantastic player, and no matter your current feelings of the present state of the program, there's no denying that Releford is one of the best, if not the best basketball player this university has ever seen.