Time Warp Tuesday is here, and it's time to crack open the Alt Vault for some kickass retro tracks.

Only Happy When It Rains/ Garbage
This song describes my spirit perfectly as I am only happy when it rains. I am also only happy when it's complicated--even thought I know you can't appreciate it.

Angry Johnny/ Poe
Y'all remember this one? I remember riding in my family's minivan and listening to the Alt station in Birmingham when this song came on. Oh man, was my dad piiiiiiiiiiiiiiised.

Not an Addict/ K's Choice
Speaking of songs that pissed off my dad... Once he was taking me to middle school volleyball practice and this song came on the radio. He proceeded to give me this lecture about how all the music to which I listened was bad because it was about drugs and sex. He then changed it to a classic rock station, and, I kid you not, the second he switched it, the station was playing the chorus of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine." Hilarious.

In Between Days/ The Cure
It's not Time Warp Tuesday until your girl drops a Cure track. I love this song because it sounds so terrifically upbeat--and yet its lyrics are depressing as hell.

Psychotic Girl/ The Black Keys
Does the fact that I think that this song is sexy make me a psychotic girl?

Celebrity Skin/ Hole
I saw Captain Marvel this weekend and (spoiler alert) this song plays during the closing title sequence. I forgot how much this late-90's Hole song S L A P S.

Lucky Man/ The Verve
I suggest rolling your windows down and blasting this tune on your way home today, as when it comes to getting your vibe right, it's a gamechanger.


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