Grab the Josta and Dunkaroos, because we're cracking open the Alt Vault for some premium Time Warp Tuesday tracks. 

3 Libras/ A Perfect Circle
Y'all remember this band? Maynard James Keenan's side project released its debut album, Mer De Noms, back in 1999--and that's where you'll find this song. Hilarious Meg Fact #45854: I listened to this song on repeat after getting dumped by a high school boyfriend, because NO ONE UNDERSTOOD MY PAAAAAAIN.

The Seed (2.0)/ The Roots
Talk about an absolute banger. This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Stay (I Missed You)/ Lisa Loeb 
Dude, whatever happened to Lisa Loeb? I had the biggest girlcrush on her back in the day. Her adorable glasses and serious guitar skills were a major source of inspo for teen angst Meg.

She Don't Use Jelly/ The Flaming Lips
This song makes me think of springtime. I remember downloading it on LimeWire (ha) and putting it on this mix CD (also: ha) that we listened to en route to Gulf Shores for Spring Break 2003.

Close to Me/ The Cure
You thought you were going to make it through a Time Warp Tuesday post without a song from The Cure? Think again, friend.

If You're Feeling Sinister/ Belle and Sebastian
Oh, man, do I LOVE Belle and Sebastian. As an insufferably pretentious English major, you KNOW your girl has listened to many a Belle and Sebastian track. I used to laugh when dudes would make me playlists or mix CDs (ha) with Belle and Sebastian songs and act as if they were introducing me to something new.

Wake Up/ Arcade Fire
I am so glad I got to check seeing Arcade Fire off my bucket list. They were great at Sloss Fest, and being able to watch them perform in my hometown was definitely a high point in the otherwise blazing dumpster fire that is my life.

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