How about y'all pretend I drafted a really witty introductory paragraph for this week's post? I am running seriously low on caffeine and inspiration today, so... yeah. Let's crack open the ol' Alt Vault and do this thang.

Mistaken for Strangers/ The National
Need some ennui? Matt Berninger's got your back. Boxer isn't my favorite album from The National (shoutout to High Violet), but it's one of my favorite songs in their discography.

Inside Out/ Spoon
I can never tell if sad music exacerbates my depression or provides me with the catharsis I need to cope with daily life, but that statement is way too deep for this early in the morning. I'll just keep it simple: I adore this Spoon song.

The Killing Moon/ Echo and the Bunnymen
Your girl is a sucker for 80's alternative (as if that's not obvious). I have been on an Echo and the Bunnymen kick lately, so... have fun with that information.

Crucify/ Tori Amos
I had the biggest girl/lifecrush on Tori Amos back in the day. She's such a badass. Could you even be a coolgirl in the 90's if you didn't own at least one Tori Amos CD? (No. The answer is no.)

Doing the Unstuck/ The Cure
Time for your weekly Cure quota. I chose this track for today, as I am currently encountering great difficulty doing the unstuck at the moment.

This is Radio Clash/ The Clash
You think if I jam this loud enough and dance around long enough that I'll be in a better mood? Let's try.

Exit Music (For a Film)/ Radiohead
Who am I kidding? I am so bummed out today; I might as well stay mired in my sadness with this heartbreaker from Radiohead's OK Computer.

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