The Earth has rotated seven times, and that means we're here again, y'all: another Time Warp Tuesday. Let's crack open the Alt Vault for some throwback tracks and, as an added bonus, some of my deep seated trauma!

Fireworks/ Animal Collective
Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam was released back in 2007. I can't believe it's been 12 years since I fell in love with this band.

Pedestrian at Best/ Courtney Barnett
This absolute banger came out four years ago and has been in regular rotation in your girl's playlist since. I am 100% guilty of blasting this one at full volume and singing along at the top of my lungs.

Elegia/ New Order
I am an admitted New Order freak. I've always been a sucker for ominous synths, so 'Elegia' is my kryptonite.

Hurts So Bad/ Lydia Loveless
Lydia's 2014 album, Somewhere Else, has recently become one of my favorites. I may or may not be guilty of drinking too much and sobbing while I listen to this on repeat.

Superstar/ Sonic Youth
You need a cover song today. I don't know how Sonic Youth manages to make a depressing song exponentially more depressing, but it works.

Again & Again/ The Bird and The Bee
A sad twee song about making poor relationship choices? Sign me up, friend!

The Perfect Girl/ The Cure
Look, it's my themesong!

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