It's Time Warp Tuesday, y'all! I'm sharing my favorite retro tracks this week. 

Before I get too deep into this, I want to ask: does anyone else out there remember Gap's perfume Dream? I was deep into a late 90's reminiscing session the other day and was like, "Oh snap--whatever happened to Gap Dream?" I used to wear it ALL THE TIME. Like, the locker room of Chelsea High School circa 1999 smelled like Gap Dream and Clinique Happy and just thinking about it brings back so many memories.


Here are my Time Warp Tuesday picks this week. Let's jam, shall we?

A Town Called Malice/The Jam
How about THE JAM? I friggin love this song. It was used in a recent episode of The Waling Dead, which kind of irritated me because that show has really jumped the shark. Remember when the show was badass and you would see Rick doing cool stuff instead of staring into space and sighing because he just feels SO MUCH?

Nobody Girl/Ryan Adams
I am always, ALWAYS in the mood for some Ryan Adams--especially if we're talking sad Ryan Adams. Dude's the best when he's in southern-fried Morrissey mode.

Camel Walk/Southern Culture on the Skids
This is a major banger. I love this song and this band. I saw them at Exit/In on my 21st birthday, and it was such an incredible show.

Criminal/Fiona Apple
I may be a thicc dream queen, but Fiona's whole grungy look in this video is my a e s t h e t i c. I think this is such a sexy song. I remember saving up babysitting money to buy this CD, which makes me realize how old I am... so excuse me while I go cry into my latte.

Temptation 87/New Order
Yes, this is one of the songs on the soundtrack to Trainspotting. Remember when soundtracks used to be THE thing? It was like buying a ready-made mix CD. I love New Order (Top 5 Favorite Band, tbh), so I had to squeeze this one in.







Twin Peaks Theme/ Angelo Badalamenti
If I am ever stressed af, I listen to this song and... instant chill. I am a Twin Peaks geek anyway, so if you ever want to talk about Dale Cooper, HMU. And yes, my wifi is named "TheBlackLodge." Wow, Bob, wow.



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