My good friend and artist Sharon McConnell-Dickerson told me about her Christmas tree the other night and I laughed in disbelief. 

Sharon is an artist, lecturer, teacher, and speaker. Her work is featured in numerous exhibitions and included in museum, university, and private art collections. She and I got to know each other when I learned of her work with Mississippi blues artists. Influenced by Native American Blind Sculptor Michael Naranjo, Sharon has taken life-casts of 52 blues musicians. A life-cast is essentially a plaster cast of a human body part, such as the face, full head, hand, foot, or torso. Like the ones you may have had when you broke your arm, just on your face for long enough to get the form.

I have been to her home and almost every inch of it is covered in something she or her husband have created. So, when she told me she had a tree that best described her experience in the year 2020, I wasn't surprised that it was going to be amazing, but I also wasn't prepared. But I do know who's been buying up all of the toilet paper!!

Sharon McConnell-Dickerson

To cap it off, it's even topped with a knitted doll that was typically found to cover toilet paper rolls in the 80s! My Greatgradmother even had one on the back of her toilet and I remember it freaking me out as a kid!

Sharon McConnell-Dickerson

Best 2020 Tree of the Year! Do you have a 2020 themed tree? Leave a message in the comments below and let us see it!