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For the past 2 months, I've been looking online checking when the 2nd stimmy will get released to the struggling and hard working people of America. But now for the 3rd week in a row, it's getting pushed back AGAIN.

Though extremely unlikely, Republican and Democratic negotiators could resume discussions and reach an agreement in late August. The GOP will be occupied with the Republican National Convention, which began Monday and runs through Thursday. Negotiations are more likely to slide into September after the new congressional session officially begins. The Senate is adjourned until after Labor Day, which is Sept. 7.

Here are some possible dates that another stimulus bill could pass and the IRS could send the first checks. For reference, we also include the timeline for the now expired CARES Act. The payments don't go out to everyone at once, so we'll go over which groups of people could get their payment first.

At first, major talks were being said for the check to be dropped on July 20th, 2020. But that didn't happen.. So here is my day dream list of a few scenarios of what I'd like to purchase with that 2nd stimmy.


Scenario #1

  • A Black Bear Cub (Yes, they're legal to own in Alabama)  -- Average cost: $600
  • Horse Saddle -- $100
  • Cowboy Hat (for the bear) -- $100
  • A long-sword -- $400.

The reasoning behind the purchases of #1 are simple -- how dope would it be to ride a black bear to work every day and no one would mess with me. The thought of a man with a long-sword riding a black bear with a little cowboy can make any man shiver in his boots.

Scenario #2

  • 12 Ferrets -- $100 per Ferret.

Reasoning is simple, I've always wanted to have a ferret army. Nothing wrong with that.


Scenario #3

  • Truck Parts -- $800
  • Dog (Yellow Lab) -- $400

Roll Tide, that's why.