The new issue of SI has dropped and Kate Upton is wearing a Braves jersey on the cover?  My first thought, cool, Kate is a Braves Fan!  Chop, chop!  Oh wait, Upton brothers (B.J. and Justin) from the Braves are also in the picture.  Ah, a shameless play on Upton. The so-called experts can pick the Dodgers to win as much as they like, we’ve got Kate Upton on our side!  Go Braves!  Hey, she’s pretty good at flip cup too, as proven with Jimmy Fallon.  I posted the video below. First, here’s the SI cover.  I do find it a little odd to be showcasing B.J. Upton who has been anything but worthy of being on the cover with his disappointing season.  Justin played well.  Wait, it’s not about their performance, it’s about the Upton theme.  That’s fine with me.

Kate Upton plays flip cup with Jimmy Fallon

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