Today, I had to take care of some business at the federal building in downtown Tuscaloosa, right? Well, let me tell you something… Going into that building is NOT for the weak!

It’s not that the building is super huge or that the light structures outside are massive and intimidating.  It’s not even going through the security checkpoint, where the detectors bring about the fear that you’ll have to undress if your bra’s underwire is too heavy!

Oh no!  It’s none of that.  It’s exactly what I said: Going in is NOT for the weak!!!

When I tell you that building has some of the heaviest doors I’ve ever had to pull open…  I had to establish a stable stance with one foot in front of the other, I leaned in, and pulled at the door with all of my might.  I felt it in my thighs and my butt!  There should be someone standing outside passing out back braces for those going in!

And you know what’s crazy?  It took just about the same force of strength to get out!

One thing’s for sure:  If you go into the federal building and think you’re going to clown and run out, it’s not happening! The doors are too heavy.

If I ever have to go back, I think I’m going to sit aside my pride and just look for the handicapped button to see if the doors open on their own.

What other doors require a good bit of muscle to move? Use #heaviestdoorsintown.

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