A dose of bitter sweet reality for Richard Ashcroft the singer of 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' on this day in music history. B101.7's Flashback Friday Spotlight is on The Verve.

This Day in Music points on December 11, 2000, "former Verve front man Richard Ashcroft was forced to cancel the remaining dates on his current UK tour after he fell on stage and broke two ribs. The accident happened during a show in Birmingham."

Formed in 1990, the English rock band The Verve is most well known for their 1997 hit song, 'Bitter Sweet Symphony.' The lyrics were written by Richard Ashcroft the that signature, however the orchestral music is based on The Rolling Stones song from the '60s called 'The Last Time.'

The group didn't deny the fact they lifted a sample from another recording and struck a deal to use it. However, there was still controversy as noted by The Verve Live:

After “Bittersweet Symphony” became a hit single, the group was sued by former Stones manager Allen Klein (who owns the copyrights to the band’s pre-1970 songs because of aggressive business practices). He claimed the Verve broke the agreement when they supposedly used a larger portion than was covered in the license, something the group vehemently disputed.

'Bitter Sweet Symphony' would go on to receive praise with multiple award nominations. 'Best British Single' nomination at the '98 Brit Awards. In the same year MTV Music Awards nominations for 'Video of the Year,' 'Best Group Video,' and 'Best Alternative Video.' Plus, a 'Best Rock Song' Grammy Award nomination.

Song Facts notes the meaning of the song to be somber look at everyday life, quoting Richard Ashcroft, "you're a slave to money, then you die."

The music video features Richard Ashcroft walking down a busy Hoxton Street in London. It must be one very long road, as Richard keeps going and going, and never once taking a turn. Joking aside, it works, as it fits the mood of the song.

The Verve - 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'

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