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Making the drive through The University of Alabama’s campus for the first time is certainly an unforgettable one, but as students become seasoned Tuscaloosa natives, nothing is as comforting as the famous sign that reads, “Welcome To The Strip.”

“The Strip: Tuscaloosa’s Most Colorful Quarter Mile,” directed by Taylor Watson, is a historical timeline that documents the rich history of West Alabama’s famous bar and entertainment avenue, “The Strip.” This film follows The Strip from its humble beginnings to its eventual evolution as The University of Alabama’s entertainment epicenter.

“The Strip,” released Sept. 24 of last year, drew hundreds of Alabama locals to its opening night at the Bama Theatre. The film gained such immense traction that some hopeful viewers had to be turned away at the doors and returned for an encore showing in November.

A 12-mile strip of road that stretches from Bryant-Denny Stadium to downtown Tuscaloosa, The Strip is a conglomerate of popular bars, restaurants and shops that have not only provided years of amusement for students and locals but also a hefty economic pad for the city of Tuscaloosa. An electric hub vital to students and locals alike, The Strip has become essential to life in the Druid City.

“Campus is only defined by what memories you make. The memories you make on The Strip are the ones that stick with you,” said one passerby in the documentary.

When asked to describe The Strip in a few words, another patron referred to it comically as “little Vegas.”

Now, The Strip is famous for its energetic atmosphere and exciting party scene but it wasn’t always as alive as locals now know it to be. Darrell Westfaul, owner of Dixie Novelty, recalled some early memories he's had of The Strip.

“It was one of those places where the sidewalk rolled up, come sundown,” he said.

Whether you are looking for a greasy All-Star Special from Waffle House, a raucous evening of live music at Egan's, or a beloved “Penny Pitcher” from Gallettes, The Strip will always have your back – morning, noon and night.

To watch "The Strip: Tuscaloosa's Most Colorful Quarter Mile," click here to rent or buy it on Amazon.

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