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In honor of doing my 30th TSTCML, I have a special one for you.

We all know John Mayer. Womanizer, lyricist and a God of composition. But do you know about B.B King?

Let me tell you about B.B King "King of the Blues"  began as a Radio D.J in Memphis before finding fame as a blues and R&B guitarist.

World War II vet, Riley B. King, better known as B.B. King, became a disc jockey in Memphis, where he was dubbed "the Beale Street Blues Boy." That nickname was shortened to "B.B.". He spent the next several decades recording and touring, playing more than 400 shows a year. An artist of international renown, King worked with other musicians from rock, pop and country backgrounds. He won his 15th Grammy Award in 2009. King passed in 2015.

But why am I bringing up this legend? Let me tell you why. Back in 2006, BB and John Mayer of all people had a jam sesh at Guitar Center in Chicago dubbed "King of the Blues" tour/session. With two of the greatest guitarist who ever lived riffing off of each others riffs, making fun of each others style and improvising on spot. It goes to show music has no barrier and color. Music is open to all peoples faiths, color, style, upbringing and so much more. Music carriers no hate. They way people should be.



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