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Everyone has their favorite 'rock movie' or 'musical movie' and mine is a little off the beaten path. 'Scott Pilgrim v. The World' came out in 2010, so I had to be a freshman or sophomore in high school. I was a guitar playing, football looking ginger with extremely long ginger curls that almost formed the most perfect afro.

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What a handsome kid, amiright?

Let's get back to the song, in the movie there's a load of great songs that tell a story within the movie with extravagant meaning and heavy bass lines throughout the movie.. BUT there's one song that stood out to me and has became one of my all time favs throughout the past 10 years.

The song opens up with extreme bass distortion and surprisingly clean lyrics done by Mark Webber who portrays 'Steven Stills'. This is the only song in the movie that doesn't have any attachment to the plot or story. It's a rando song that gets your blood pumping.

More than likely the movie will be forgotten in time and I'll be the only person who recognizes the soundtrack or characters, but I'm cool with that.

'll take you for a ride
On my garbage truck
Oh no
I'll take you to the dump
'Cause you're my queen
Take you uptown
I'll show you the sites
You know you wanna ride
On my garbage truck
Truck, truck, truck

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