Pray for me, y'all. I am having dental implant surgery, and I am terrified. I'm getting the titanium part of the dental implant tomorrow morning. I have no idea how much it's gonna hurt or how what the recovery will be like, but MAN OH MAN... I am scared.

It's such a stupid story, y'all. I had a root canal on a molar, and before I had a chance to get the core buildup, my tooth broke. Seriously. I was eating a stupid sea salt caramel from Aldi and the dang tooth broke at the gum line. There was no way to repair it, so I had to have the tooth surgically extracted and get a daggum bone graft to prepare my jaw for the dental implant.

It took six months for the bone graft to heal, and now I can get a metal rod shoved into my jaw bone. Fun, right? I have to wait ANOTHER six months for that to heal, and then I will be able to have a crown placed on the implant.

All in all, I'll be shelling out close to FOUR THOUSAND dollars--and for what? A caramel from Aldi that cost literally 25 cents. What's left to do but laugh?

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