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Since 1929, Denny Chimes has been standing tall and proud on the fringe of the quad. Denny Chimes stands as a reminder of the past and how to construct a positive and powerful future. With all the years she has been stand, it's hard to swift through what is fact and fiction about this Alabama landmark.

Some people say Jimmy Hoffa is buried within the walls and some people say a man sits at the top of towering 35M steeple. Some are wild accusations of Denny Chimes and some do have some truth to it. No, Jimmy Hoffa probably is't buried within the walls - I don't even think he stepped foot in the Yellowhammer state.

(Just last week, Denny Chimes turned 91 years old - she doesn't look a day over 50.)

Another myth about Denny Chimes is - that there is a man that sits up at steeple and manually rings the bell ever 30 mins. The myth goes, a man by the name of 'Toby' is dedicated to UA and wants the students of the University to hear the beautiful sounds of Denny to give them hope and inspiration to graduate and time and have a good time at their tenure here in Tuscaloosa. Maybe this man Toby was real at some point, but now the university uses automated systems to run the bell mechanically.

Who knows what is real and fake about this Alabama trademark. You can decide the fact and fiction.

Roll Tide.


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