The final installment in The Hunger Games series opened in Tuscaloosa this weekend, and thousands of fans from all over West Alabama headed to Hollywood 16 Cinemas to see Mockingjay Part 2. The movie was incredible, and I was lucky enough to see it with our B101.7 contest winners--in IMAX!

We gave y'all a chance to win tickets to the Thursday night premiere of Mockingjay; listeners had to tune in for a code word that they'd enter on our website to get in to win. On Thursday morning, I randomly selected two lucky listeners to join me at the movie: Kimberly Cox and Lauren Bell, both from Tuscaloosa.

attending the premiere with Kimberly (Meg Summers/TSM)
attending the premiere with Kimberly (Meg Summers/TSM)

Lauren brought her BFF and Kimberly made it a special 'girls' night out' by bringing her teenage daughter to Hollywood 16. I brought my bestie (hey, Tia!) with me, and the six of us were all so psyched to see Mockingjay! Scoring tickets to the premiere would have been enough to make anyone's month, but let me tell y'all-- Hollywood 16 HOOKED IT UP.

When we arrived at the theater, they treated us like VIP's. They gave us Mockingjay posters and lanyards, and they upgraded our tickets to IMAX! And they had an usher escort us to seats they'd reserved for us. We walked right past the super long line of fans and got to sit in the best spots in the entire theater. It was incredible!

Mockingjay was the first movie I've ever seen in IMAX. I was blown away! The screen is HUUUUUUUUUGE, and it's ever-so-slightly curved on the ends; watching a movie in IMAX is like taking your theater experience to the next level. I watched Katniss make her way to the Capitol, and I felt like I was THERE.

(Oh, and watching the Star Wars trailer in IMAX? So awesome. I'm hyperventilating just thinking of going to see that one in IMAX.)

I love watching a movie at Hollywood 16. Cobb Theaters is the best, okay? When I was a kid, movie seats were like these sad metal folding chairs that made your butt go numb before the trailers were finished playing. Not at Hollwood 16! They have the most comfortable seats--they're made of some kind of memory foam/clouds/angel's wings, and they recline just enough to let you get cozy. I could live in those seats. And the concessions! You can get just about anything you want to snack on while watching your movie, but I like to keep it OG and get a big bag of hot buttered popcorn and a Coke. Hollywood 16 does it right--that popcorn was delish.

I had so much fun watching Mockingjay at Hollywood 16 that I went back this weekend and saw the movie again. The movie is amazing--I'm not going to ruin it and toss out spoilers like confetti--and it's the perfect ending to The Hunger Games series. You need to see it--and you need to see it in IMAX at Hollywood 16!

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