They're back! Milo's Original Hamburger Shop has returned to Tuscaloosa! Watch reactions from some of the first lunch customers.

We went over to the new restaurant on Skyland Boulevard at Highway 69 to talk with others grabbing a bite to and what it mean to them. As you would expect plenty of enthusiasm from the very first customers to order lunch. It was more than just a restaurant opening in town, this one had more of an emotional tie. The original Tuscaloosa Milo's was located on McFarland Boulevard near 15th Street, an area wiped out by a tornado on April 27, 2011. This return is another form of a community healing and a sign of strength to bounce back. Plus, the food and sweet tea is absolutely loved by many.

You know, the first customers on opening day had to be among the most passionate for Milo's. Take a look at what a bunch of people had to say.

As for me, the days leading up to the Wednesday grand opening, I knew exactly what I wanted to have for lunch!

There was no doubt, a cheeseburger topped with their signature sauce would be on the order.  Oh, the crinkle cut fries seasoned to perfection.  Plus, a BIG cup of the famous sweet tea to wash it all down!  All set, right?  Not quite, the item I really looked forward to the most, the fried apple pie!  My heart was so set on making sure the pie was in the mix.

The time came to order, and look at combo #5!  It's a "mega combo" with a double cheeseburger, mega order of fries, mega drink and apple pie.  Oh yeah, let's go "mega" and I did!

I brought the sack lunch back to the radio station and into the conference room!  Here's video of the mega spread of food.

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