Ahh, the clunker--there's nothing like it; is there? It's a love-hate-hate relationship; you want to let go, to move on, to look your car in the headlights and say, "It's not me--it's you," but breaking up is hard to do. Especially when there's a new car payment involved. Y'all feel me?

I drive a 2000 Saturn LS1 Sedan. This hilarious because a) they don't even MAKE Saturns anymore and b) if my car were a person, it would be old enough to have its own driver's permit (they grow up so fast!). It's not a particularly terrible car, but I'm stuck in vehciular purgatory when it comes to old Sally.


Sally needs a new air compressor, which means she has no A/C. I drop my daughter off at day care in the mornings, and my husband picks her up in the evenings; don't worry: little Dolores never sweats it out like I do. Not having A/C is THE WORST. It makes every trip an EMERGENCY. Like, even the ten minute commute home feels like an eternity--sweltering eternal damnation. Not joking here. Riding in my car on an August afternoon makes you want to get right with Jesus.

Sally also has some suspension issues--but that's to be expected for a car that's FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Other than the lack of A/C and the occasional excessively bumpy ride, Sally's not a terrible car. I mean, this car was made in 1999 and only has 89,000 something miles on it. That's ridiculous.

I know I should trade the old gal in for a newer model, but she's all mine. NO CAR PAYMENT. I feel some sort of weird loyalty to her. Maybe there's something wrong with me...

In all honesty, I'll probably end up trading Sally in and sending her off to the big parking lot in the sky. All good cars go to car heaven, right? My loyalty runs deep, but now that I have a child, I can't help but want the latest and greatest when it comes to safety features.

Oh, and AIR CONDITIONING. That would be rad.

What about you? Are you driving an older car? What kind? Do you feel loyal to your clunker, too--or am I in need of serious therapy?

**Let me end this with a disclaimer/apology: I know my car is in SERIOUS need of vacuuming. It looks straight up SHAMEFUL. My parents are soooo not proud of me right now.**