7 Reasons for Alabama Fans to Hate LSU
The Alabama Crimson Tide welcomes Louisiana State University to Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday night in what's being touted as "Game of the Century 2.0." Bama's sitting at #4 in the CFB rankings, while the Tigers nabbed the #2 spot. As Donald Trump (who's hosting SNL this weekend would say), "It's gonna be YUUUUUUUUUGE."
LSU Hate Week Recipe Time: Serve Up Some Corn Dogs with Bourbon BBQ Sauce [VIDEOS]
LSU Hate week is rollin' on... just like the Alabama Crimson Tide. Since the internet is apparently suffering from an extreme lack of smack-talkin' vids, we're going to take it to another level, y'all. To understand your enemy, you must eat like your enemy. I think that's in The Art of War or whatever. Anyway, everybody knows Baton Rouge can't say no to its beloved party liquor and food on a stick
The Alabama Crimson Tide heads to Baton Rouge Saturday night; know what that means? It's LSU Hate Week, y'all. Celebrate the hate with this epic hype video.
I Am Hypnotized By This Dancing Les Miles Video
Since everyone's talking about that video of Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn shaking his Gus bus to MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This," I thought I'd jump on the opportunity to bring back one of my all-time favorites. It's LSU Hate Week, so why not watch Head Coach Les Miles shake his groove thang, too?
5 Best LSU Memes
We've searched high and low all over the interwebs to bring you the best Alabama vs. LSU memes. As the Tide prepares to take on LSU, let's all get a good laugh at the expense of the Mad Hatter and his Bayou Bengals.   5. This about sums up the Mad Hatter... E...
Zereaux Doubt The Tide Will Roll Again
I dabble in video editing and was so inspired after the thrashing Alabama put on LSU last year during the battle for the crystal football, I was inspired to create the Crimson Tide tribute below. With only ten days left until kickoff, I can practically smell the pigskin and championship rings now...