Driving in Tuscaloosa these days is a test of patience and skill. It's an epic poem to try to get across town on McFarland Boulevard, and you'll find road work on just about every other alternate route.
Getting a drivers' license in Alabama is about to become one big hassle: the state may close all but four drivers' license offices in 2016 due to budget shortfalls.
An Open Letter to the Dude Who Ran Me Off the Road This Morning
Hey Buddy, I'm not sure if you remember me from your commute this morning. You seemed to be in a wicked hurry, so perhaps the details of your drive to work (or home or whatever) are a blur; I hope, however, that you remember me. In case you've forgotten, I am the woman YOU RAN OFF THE DANG ROAD, and guess what? WE NEED TO TALK.