Top Five Colleges With The Most STDs
Reported and diagnosed cases of STDs are exploding across the nation's college campuses because of this generation's casual, 'swipe-right' attitude, some analysts suggest. The good news is neither Alabama or her step-sister Auburn are at the top of the short list of College-Hacks Top Five colleges with the most reported STDs...
Auburn is Home to Hipsters
The state of Alabama is not exactly synonymous with hipsters. While you'd expect to find these unconventionally trendy people in cities like Brooklyn or Portland, you might be surprised to learn that Auburn is home to one of the most hipster cities in the entire country...
His family calls the video of Gus Malzahn dancing to M.C Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This' the 'Bigfoot' of the Auburn head coach's past. They're being kind.

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