Stranger Things 2 may have left on a happier note than its predecessor, but we’re still Upside Down with questions about the next installment. From Demodogs, to out-of-control powers to Dr. Brenner’s inevitable return, these are the Eleven (heh) burning questions Stranger Things 3 inevitably needs to answer.

Be advised of full spoilers for Stranger Things 2 from here on out, but what exactly was the deal with the mind-flaying Shadow Monster, and its connection the “Demodogs?” And did we really need to spend an entire episode setting up Eleven’s “Lost Sister” and her motley band of Avengers? It’s all bound to pay off in a third round next year (hopefully), so journey to the Upside Down, space, and everywhere in between as we tackle the major questions of Stranger Things going forward.

What glaring questions do you need answered?

In the meantime, both seasons of Stranger Things are fully available to stream on Netflix.

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