There were rumors months back that Steak N' Shake was coming to Tuscaloosa. Then, (as I wrote on this page two weeks ago), those rumors had cooled down. Well, I'm excited to report now that Steak N' Shake is DEFINITELY coming to Tuscaloosa!

I got official confirmation yesterday (Sunday November 13th) when the Steak N' Shake Food Truck was parked in the empty lot behind the Ihop on Skyland Blvd. (That is where the Tuscaloosa Steak N' Shake will be located).

Since I'm such a huge fan of Steak N' Shake, I pulled over The Linguinimobile, and I ordered myself a Double Steak Burger, Fries, & Chocolate Shake. While waiting for my order, I spoke with the manager on duty who gave me all the details. Look for them to break ground in roughly 3 to 4 weeks, with an opening in Spring/Summer of 2017!

Now, if you're like me, and can't wait that long, the manager told me that the Steak N' Shake Food Truck will be back THIS Friday! (And you can bet that I'll be having my Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner there!). You can also look for them on The Quad for the next two Alabama Football Games.....ROLL TIDE!

So, indeed, a Steak N' Shake Is finally Coming To T-Town! Remember, you read it here FIRST:-)


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