Can someone please explain to me why, in a world filled with sickness, poverty, and violence, people are losing their minds over something as trivial as a PAPER CUP?

Starbucks unveiled its holiday cup design last week, and the company is experiencing a tremendous backlash for the cup's minimal design. It's a paper cup. It's a bright red on the top, and a deeper red on the bottom. It features a green Starbucks logo in the middle of the cup.

It is--and I cannot stress this enough here--a paper cup.

And people are furious about it. People are suggesting a boycott of Starbucks for its "War on Christmas," which makes zero sense to me. These cups are red and green, which (last time I checked) were Christmas colors, so... yeah. I don't get it. Are people livid because the cups do not feature the actual words "Merry" and "Christmas" on them? If so, why? It's a COFFEE CHAIN FROM SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Pretty sure they're allowed to be minimalists at times.

But I digress.

The outrage over this stupid PAPER CUP has got me all kinds of befuddled right now. And, if I am being 100 with y'all, a little mad, too. There are so many horrible, depressing things in this world and we have to waste our energy on a PAPER CUP? I mean, if you like to rage, do so. BY ALL MEANS.

But maybe direct your rage towards things that actually, you know, matter. While people wail on about the evils of a PAPER CUP and vow to never purchase Starbucks again, there are people who have not had any food today. There are children who die because they don't have access to healthcare.

The "Christmas Spirit" is one of generosity. If you're really all about the holiday, celebrate. Use your energy to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Buy a bike for Toys for Tots. You can do any number of things which do not involve going on a meaningless Twitter rant over something as inconsequential as a PAPER CUP.

And if you still hate Starbucks, fine.