It's True! The Star 101.7 Official Station Vehicle, better known as "The Star Car", was pulled over this past Friday, (9/8), on Greensboro Avenue at 5:21pm by Tuscaloosa Police. The car driven by Yours Truly, was on it's way to The Houndstooth Bar for a pre-tailgating party sponsored by Yuengling Beer.

Here's what transpired: As I was driving North on Greensboro Avenue, (taking a shortcut because I KNEW that 359 heading towards downtown would be a mess), I noticed the BRIGHT, BLUE, FLASHING lights go off behind me. At first, I thought that The Police were after another vehicle, because I was driving the speed limit, had a buckled seatbelt and obeying all traffic signals and signs. So, I pulled over to make room for the Officer. However, when I pulled over, the Officer didn't pass by me, he pulled up right BEHIND me! He was stopping ME because I had apparently done something to cause being stopped! I decided to drive through the intersection, (Greensboro Ave & James Harrison Pkwy), and pull over into a lot to make it safer for both of us.

I came to a COMPLETE stop, turned off the vehicle, and had my Drivers License pulled out, as he slowly approched the vehicle. As I rolled down the window, and handed my license to him, he recognized who I was and said, "Louie, do you know WHY I pulled you over?" I said, "No, Sir". (Usually, when I get pulled over I pretty much know what I did wrong, but in this instance I was baffled). He said, "The reason I pulled you over is because you're driving with an EXPIRED TAG".  I got out of the car, SLOWLY, went back to look for myself, and indeed, the tag showed, NOVEMBER 2016! Which means, THIS tag has been expired for 10 MONTHS NOW!

I thanked the officer for pointing it out to me, and ASSURED him that THIS would be taken care of. Let me just say that this officer was courteous, professional, & a true asset to the Tuscaloosa Police force! Plus, he didn't write me a ticket! So, to him I say, "THANK YOU!"

Let this be a lesson to EVERYONE to make sure that you're all up to date with all of your tags, licenses, insurance, & registrations.

And to my Bosses here at Townsquare Media/Tuscaloosa, who are probably reading this right now, I say, "Please FIX this so it doesn't happen again!"  Whew! :-)

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