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Since 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been whipping up unforgettable quotes and questionable content in one of the most talked about cartoons of all time. South Park is the type of vulgar and un-PC show that my shallow soul needs for fuel. Growing up I've loved all their parody episodes from the World Of Warcraft one they did to the 'Simpsons Did It' episode. Matt and Trey have created a cult following that turned into a life style.

They have something new on the menu that will be coming out this September. I first found out about this from a Comedy Special promo video.

September 30th will be a new era for South Park, they've taken their shot at so many social issues like immigration, transgender-phobia, mental and psychological disorders to coming out of the closet. In my eyes, its about damn time their tackling the Coronavirus. 2020 has taught us to count nothing off the table and South Park is fueled and ammo'd up for a great new episode.

A statement from Comedy Central about the new episode went like this:

"South Park" is returning on September 30 for a hour-long special -- and in what should come as no surprise in 2020, it will be tackling Covid-19.

Which is exactly what America needs at this time, a show to make us laugh at our faults of this past year and to reflect on this wild year.

Roll Tide.

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