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Some songs are timeless because they radiate truth, have common themes and moral comprise.

I have never been a Sonic Youth fan, until today. Front man, Lee Ranaldo released a cover of John Lennon's classic song 'Isolation'. John's version is simple; piano, light drums, small amount of clean drive guitar. It's truly his style done to the key.

Here is John's version:

John understood his style and let the music speak for itself.


NOW, lets talk about Lee's cover of 'Isolation'. Personally, I think he covered the song at the PERFECT time. Everybody is locked up in their house and needs a little release, which why I think he re-done the song. Everyone in the world can relate to John's song, but Lee's version is more modern with heavy drums and heavy distorted guitar that sets the mood and draws you in to listen more.

Here's Lee's version:

What a perfect song for a time to be alive.

People say we got it made
Don't they know we're so afraid
We're afraid to be alone
Everybody got to have a home
After you caused so much pain
But then again, you're not to blame
You're just a human, a victim of the insane
We're afraid of everyone
Afraid of the sun
The sun will never disappear
But the world may not have many years

Someone get me some frickin tissues.

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