So, immediately following  Alabama's loss to Clemson Monday Night, I drove down the road from the Radio Station, over to Academy Sports And Outdoors and captured my initial thoughts on video. In case you missed it, here it is again....

After I shut off my camera, I got to wondering to myself, "Since Academy obviously can't sell any Alabama 2016 National Champion Shirts, what happens to all of them now?" Well, I starting doing some digging and found an answer.

According to the website,  For many years, all the shirts of the losing team would simply be DESROYED by being tossed into an incinerator. But then, a much better solution was decided upon. Says

“That’s a lot of misprinted shirts that can’t hit store shelves, and seem like fine candidates for the incinerator, instead. And for a long time, that’s where they went, with all four major American pro sports leagues — MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL — requiring the destruction of incorrect post-season apparel.

Fortunately, the leagues have changed the way they do things and now all four – plus manufacturers and retailers like Reebok, Sports Authority, Dick’s and Modell’s — instead give the gear to a group called World Vision, which saves the merch from certain doom and puts it to use.”

World Vision is a non-profit organization that provides various services and  assistance to people in need across the globe. Not only shirts, but ALL clothing apparel that has the losing team's name on it, is donated to World Vision. This is a GOOD thing, because instead of being destroyed, the shirts are now used to clothe people in impoverished Third World Countries.

However, the only thing I do wish, is that some kid in Malaysia was running around in a "Clemson 2016 National Champions" T-shirt, instead of an "Alabama 2016 National Championship" one.

Even though we did lose, I plan on finding one and buying it!  Maybe one will turn up on Ebay or something. If it does, I'll SNAG it, and post a picture of it here.....ROLL TIDE!!!

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