Bill Hader shares the inside scoop on the movie Trainwreck with B101.7's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!

We all know this guy from his funny role as Stefon Saturday Night Live. How did he land the movie role, did he just get a call from co-star Amy Schumer? Not exactly, he had to audition, which wasn't a problem. Bill says, "you can get two really funny and great actors together, but people still need to have chemistry together."

If you're thinking this movie is all about comedy, there is more. J-Si of the KKMS says, "there's a really cool message to this movie." Bill Hader confirms, "It's a nice surprise, where people leave the movie crying."

Another surprise from the movie is NBA star LeBron James being such natural in his funny role. "He's effortlessly funny, he knew how to improvise," Bill complemented.

Hear more behind the scenes talk from Bill Hader in the complete Kidd Kraddick Morning Show interview below.

Trainwreck is playing now at Cobb Hollywood 16 in Tuscaloosa. Have you seen the trailer yet? Take a look below, and be ready to laugh.

Trainwreck - Movie Trailer

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