Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to join me in FREAKING OUT: Ryan Adams has covered Taylor Swift's 1989, and you can purchase the album Monday!

I have no idea what inspired Ryan Adams to cover an entire Taylor Swift album, but here we are, and it is amazing. Ryan announced his plans to record 1989 last month, and when I found out I literally shrieked like a preteen at a Bieber show. I am THAT psyched about this, y'all.

I love Ryan Adams. I've listened to Heartbreaker so many times I've lost count; it was the soundtrack to my college years. (If you're not familiar with Ryan Adams, check out a few of the tracks I've posted below.) I own pretty much all of Ryan's discography, so... yeah: I'm a fan.

Ryan has shared snippets of tracks from 1989 on Twitter and Instagram over the past month, and his version of "Bad Blood" debuted Thursday when he announced the album will be released Monday, September 21. You can pre-order 1989 now (I did!) through iTunes and Google Play.

What do you think about Ryan's version of "Bad Blood?" I'm going to be 100 with y'all and say I like it MORE than the original. Share your thoughts in the comments below--and come back Monday so we can obsess over 1989 together!

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