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Last week I received an anonymous tip from someone regarding a huge project happening in Tuscaloosa to happen this week. That gossip has now came to life in a horrible fashion.

Last night I was walking back from my watering hole and what I came across really pissed me off. A whole street closed due to construction. Equipment thrown and manged all along the street, curb and side walk making it a nightmare for on goers to have a safe and clean path.

This whole week University Blvd has been closed between Queen City Ave and Gene Stallings Ave. Which has been a giant pain in the ass because I live between those two intersections. My eight minute ride to work has now became a twenty minute commute, thanks ALDOT.

The reason for the major closures on University Blvd is something Tuscaloosa needs less of. Student housing. Every year for the past 5 years, between four to eight student housing has been erected within and outside of campus. Once again asking the question, is Tuscaloosa becoming a giant gentrified city like Palo Alto or a whole other slew of college towns?

I would hate to see this beautiful city of Tuscaloosa become one mega apartment town safe-havened for out of state upperclass people who can spend $1700 for a studio 4-miles away from campus.




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