In a world full of hoaxes and false info on social media, Thursday (April 21) was one day I thought for sure featured a fake story. Sadly, one reputable news organization after another confirmed the unbelievable, Prince has died at 57. Quickly, a rush of favorite songs starting bouncing through my mind. This man created such amazing music over his career. We need to celebrate and be thankful of that.

Prince has been recording music for decades, his legacy as among the greatest of generation was cemented in the 80s. Especially, when the world was introduced to movie and soundtrack Purple Rain in 1984. Prince was on top of the world with his first #1 Billboard album and the Grammy and Oscar Awards which followed.

Through the years Prince never lost his creative touch, changing his name at one point to a crazy looking symbol.  You couldn't pronounce it, so everyone starting calling him "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince."

We lost a great one, but the music will never die. Thanks Prince for what you've given us. Let's celebrate by sharing our favorite songs. I'll start with my list below. You'll notice many of the titles come from the Purple Rain album. When you own an album on both CD and cassette, it must be a favorite.