We're now 15 years removed from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Still, it's a memory that remains as sharp as a knife on our hearts.

We read our history books about wars involving countries, being able to recognize our enemies. 9/11 gave us a slap of reality of a new war, a new enemy, one that uses much different tactics to cause harm. These terrorists don't have the ability to make a traditional military attack. Instead, they set out to attack the symbolic targets, like the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

I think back to that day when it all happened, working morning radio in Columbus, Mississippi. I remember looking from the station's studio to a TV in the newsroom across the hall. There was something on showing a plane crashing into a building. It sure did look like some kind of Bruce Willis type action flick. As I thought to myself, c'mon, why is the news director watching movies right now? The problem was, that wasn't a movie, it was a news channel. The stunning shock of that moment and tremendous feeling of anxiety the set in will always stay with me.

We lost nearly 3,000 lives from those attacks. Another 6,000 were injured.

Music always serves as a soundtrack to our lives. The song which so strongly resonated with me from that day is 'Overcome' by Live.

I've pulled up the music video to that song, a version featuring clips from Ground Zero. Take a look below.

15 years later we see famous athletes protesting our national anthem, and that really bothers me. Sure, our country isn't perfect, but I'd say it's pretty awesome. It has been made that way by its people, like the very heroes sacrificing everything on days such as 9/11. God bless America. Salute the flag with the honor it deserves.