If you're planning a wedding, and you're a lover of Taco Bell, I've got some GREAT NEWS for you! Starting this summer, you'll be able to get married at Taco Bell!

The restaurant has announced that they'll beginning holding "Taco Bell Themed Weddings", at their Massive Flagship Cantina in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The price is only 600 Bucks! And you can order it right off their menu! The Wedding Package includes "Taco Bell Themed Wedding Essentials" like: A Bow Tie, A Garter, A Wedding Bouquet Made Of Sauce Packets Wedding And Champagne Flutes. It also includes the FULL CEREMONY, and somebody ordained to perform it, so that it is all LEGAL & LEGIT! In addition, after the ceremony, they'll toss in a 12 Pack Of Tacos , and a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake!

And after you have been officially pronounced "Man And Wife", you'll be able to ride off into The Vegas Sunset in your "Just Married" T-Shirts! If you want to know MORE, read HERE

It looks like my Single Days will soon be over! :-)

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