Tuesday night was THE night that The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater ROCKED with the sounds of Def Leppard, Poison, & Tesla. The Amp was packed with people yearning for the big hair sounds of yesteryear.

This is not surprising, because back in the day of MTV, bands like these sold MILLIONS of albums, and they achieved chart-topping success. Their fans are now a bit older, but they're still out there! (as evidenced by the attendance at The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Tuesday Night).

As many people rocked along to the LOUD guitars, bass, drums, & vocals of each band, I noticed many folks not actually paying attention to the concert per say, but instead holding their phones up in the air and VIDEO RECORDING the concert for prosperity sake. In fact, I did it too....check out THIS 25 Second Clip of Def Leppard that I recorded....

Now, why did I only record 25 SECONDS? The reason is simple....that's all the storage I had left on my phone! With all my apps, pictures, videos, and music, I literally have NO more space on my phone! So unfortunately, I wasn't able to video any more of the concert.

However, this may have been a GOOD thing. You see, a lot of people don't actually watch a concert anymore, they're too busy filming it. In fact, I do it, too. But having no space left on my phone, and a low battery as well, made me put down the phone, and actually ENJOY the show! It was kind of old school that way! And because of that reason, I think I enjoyed the show, more than I would have, had I been recording it the whole time!

Besides, there were a LOT more people much closer to the stage than I was, ( You see, I was in the "Cheap Seats" section because that's all I can afford on a DJ salary), who were able to record much better videos than I was, and upload them much faster on YouTube for the world to see.

Therefore, from here on out, I pledge to NO LONGER VIDEO CONCERTS with my phone! From this point forward, I will WATCH my concerts in REAL TIME instead! And I promise to let other people do all my heavy lifting, and record video with THEIR phones.........That is, until I buy more storage for my phone:-)

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