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Probably one of the most underrated spots in Tuscaloosa is tucked away on the shoulder of Houndstooth Sports-Bar in the little plaza next door where Tuts use to be.

Philly Boyz specializes in authentic cheese steak sandwich with different styles and variations to match your hunger. They also serve authentic chicken cheese steaks, pizza pies and french fries that are customized and mastered by their experience and readied chefs.

During these crazy times, you have to remember to shop and eat local about everyday. There are hundreds of business and restaurants here in Tuscaloosa that want your business and know you have the stimmy check sitting around. I've known the family at Philly Boyz for about one year now and love what they are doing, if it's from the authentic bread they get shipped in from Philly or the customer service that is unmatched with family friendly values and expertise at the craft of making the BEST PHILLY IN TUSCALOOSA, HANDS DOWN.

Here is a quick look at of what I like on the menu, that I'm sure you'll love:

Traditional Cheese Steak
Fresh cut steak, onions and cheese whiz on an Amoroso roll.

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

White meat chicken and white American cheese.

Side Mac & Cheese Bites

Deep fried & breaded Mac & Cheese



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