Calling all clueless Christmas shoppers--I am here to save your you-know-what this holiday season! Consider me your personal shopper and check out my top ten picks for the perfect gift for your girl.Finding the perfect gift for your gal can be hard--you want to get her a thoughtful gift; you want to show her you care and that she's loved and appreciated beyond measure.

This is no easy task; a misstep could mean you're ringing in the New Year by sleeping alone on the living room couch. Sure, that's a bit of hyperbole, but I am trying to get my point across: the wrong gift can seriously hurt your lady friend's feelings.

Don't try to throw all that "my girl doesn't care about material objects" mess out at me. Your lady may not be down with mass consumerism, but she still wants a gift. You have got to get her a gift, okay?

Giving her a pair of socks you grabbed at Walgreen's at approximately 5:35 p.m. on December 24 is like telling her, "I do not think about you enough nor care enough to put any thought or effort into finding a special gift for you." And I don't care how fuzzy those socks are, dude--you've got to show your girl that you care.

So what do you buy? What do you make? You can't go wrong with any of the items I've listed below. You just can't. Take it from me--I'm a lady. Use my list as inspiration and get to shopping!

  • Sephora

    A Trip to Sephora

    You will see some beauty picks later on in this list, but my #1 suggestion is this: Take her to Sephora. Sephora is like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of makeup, skincare, and fragrance; it's amazing.

    Take her out for a nice dinner and surprise her with an impromptu trip to every girl's favorite beauty store. Tell her you wanted to buy her something from Sephora, but that you weren't sure what she wanted. Tell her you love her and that she is beautiful and deserves a gift that makes her feel as beautiful as she is to you.

    Then take out that bank card and let your girl go crazy.

    She will LOVE it. There's something about having your man take you out and treat you like a princess. Seriously. Your girl is going to be BEAMING. I would.

    Take me to Sephora. Dang.

  • Konstantin Yuganov

    A Spa Day

    Get your behind over to Gilda's and buy her a gift card. Your wife works 24/7 to take care of your family, and she deserves to be pampered. Treat her to a massage, a facial, or an appointment to cut, color, and style her hair. There's an option for every budget--even something as simple as a pedicure can feel like a vacation to a busy mom.

  • David A Smith/DSmithImages

    Family Portraits

    As a wife and mother, I can tell you that my family is the most important thing in my crazy busy life. It often seems like time is flying by so quickly I can't keep pace; it's imperative to take time to make and preserve special memories.

    Family portraits are so much more than just getting dressed up for a few fancy pictures. I like having at least one yearly session with a professional photographer so I have a way to look back and remember what life was like for us at a certain point in time. Since my daughter was born two years ago, we've had portraits taken three times. I count these photos among my most prized possessions.

    Purchase a family portrait session for your wife. If you're looking for a great photographer, I recommend David of DSmithImages. The portrait packages are affordable, and the quality of the pics you get is incredible!

  • X5 Steam Mop

    That Appliance She's Been Eyeing

    Let me preface this with a big old HEY, ASK YOUR WIFE FIRST. There are appliances out there that make keeping house so much easier; I received a steam mop for Christmas last year, and it CHANGED MY LIFE. Like, I don't have to scrub our kitchen floors anymore. This alone is worth all the gold in Fort Knox, as scrubbing that floor is the bane of my existence. We got a Keuring a few years ago, and MAN--best gift ever.

    Ask your wife if there's an appliance she'd like this year. Ask her what her least favorite chore is and find something that will make that task easier for her (and you; your wife best not be the only one who cleans y'all's house because COME ON, DUDE.) If she hates sweeping, get her a Roomba. If she loves to bake, get that girl a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

  • tifonimages

    A Handmade Coupon Book

    Grab some paper, a pen, tape, and scissors and get to work. Create a book filled with 'coupons' your wife can redeem throughout the year. Here are a few suggestions:

    -I Will Put The Kids to Bed While You Get to Watch Monday Night Football
    -I Will Cook Your Favorite Dinner
    -I Will Let You Sleep In This Weekend
    -Get Out of [Boring Activity] Free Card

    These are all things you can (and should) do for her on the regular, but something about having that handmade coupon book makes you feel like a queen. It's showing her that you a) care enough to actually create this litte coupon book, and b) care enough to do all these things for her. You can't go wrong here.

  • Meg Summers/TSM

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Dude. My husband bought me an S5 a few months ago, and it is the GREATEST PHONE EVER. It is superior to all other smartphones--even the people at Forbes agree.

    One of the greatest features of my S5 is Kid's Mode--it's a special application that allows my kid to play with the phone while preventing her from making calls, etc. She can only use the apps I choose for her, and Kids Mode also has built-in fun stuff like a video player, camera, voice recorder, coloring book, and animated pals.

    Oh, and the phone is sweeeeeet. It has an amazing camera; lightning fast processing speed, and ridiculous battery life. It's THE BEST.

  • Lush Ltd

    Lush's '12 Days of Christmas'

    Lush Cosmetics is awesome, and their bath bombs and bubble bars are the jam. This set is like the Jelly of the Month Club--it's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark. Your lady will be able to use a fab Lush goodie every night FOR TWELVE NIGHTS. How great is that?

  • Too Faced Cosmetics

    Too Faced's 'Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar'

    This brand-spanking-new eye shadow palette from Too Faced is the Red Ryder BB Gun for any beauty fan this Christmas. It features SIXTEEN gorgeous eye shadows from Too Faced (if you don't know, it's a high-end brand that makes incredible makeup. It's like the Pappy Van Winkle of Eye Shadow.) all in neutral tones that look great on everyone.

  • L'Occitane

    L'Occitane's Almond Enchantment Set

    I'm biased when it comes to bath time. I think it's heaven. I can blockade the door, slip into a tub, and pretend (just for a moment) that there isn't a shrieking toddler and sink full of dirty dishes waiting for me the second I step out of the bathroom. Treat your woman to a mini-vacay with this stunning set from L'Occitane. It's a perfect pick because a) fancy pants French name, b) the products are incredibly nourishing and will have your gal glowing, and c) they will make her smell like a sweet cupcake. Just buy this now. Go ahead and buy me one, too.

  • Doug Benc/Getty Images

    Sugar Bowl Tickets

    Did you REALLY think we'd make it through this list without mentioning the most coveted item of all? Buy tickets to the Sugar Bowl. Take your girl to NOLA for the weekend; enjoy the Crescent City and cheer on the Tide as they defeat Ohio State and move on to the College Football Championship Game.